General Information About Lisbon

Go Lisbon
One of the best known Lisbon sites on the web.

The Lisbon Connection
The Lisbon guide from the inside…

Lisbon Lux
‘The Guide to the Luminous City’

Spotted By Locals – Lisbon
Up to date insider tips

Places to Stay

Lisbon Apartments

Lovely apartments in Lisbon – short and long stay

Travelling to Lisbon
Portuguese company providing short and medium stay apartments

Way to Stay Lisbon Apartments
Holiday apartments in Lisbon – short and medium stay.

Recipes and Cooking

A Portuguese Dish
Some lovely recipes here.

Fabulous Portuguese and Spanish Food and Wine blog

Buy Portuguese food and drink in the UK

Gourmet Portugal
Buy Portuguese Food and Drink online

Places to Visit in Lisbon

The National Museum of Contemporary Art – Chiado

Arts and Culture

Lisboa LeCool
Guide to what’s on in Lisbon – in Portuguese

Lisbon Daily Photo
No longer updated but some great photos of Lisbon

Philip Graham’s The Moon Come to Earth

Chronicling Philip’s year long stay in Lisbon

Poems from the Portuguese

21st Century Portuguese Poetry translated into English

Time Out Lisboa
In Portuguese

About Portugal

Visit Portugal
The Official Tourism Site

Portugal Untouched
Resident in Portugal for 25 years, the author shares their love of Portugal’s rich traditions and beauty

Salt of Portugal
All that is glorious about Portugal…

Property in Portugal

Pure Portugal
All kinds of property but also specialises in low impact and rural living